Warren Heylman and the Parkade Building: A Story of Architectural Vision and Innovation

Warren Heylman was a Spokane-based architect who left an indelible mark on the city’s architectural landscape. His most notable work, the Parkade Building, is a towering example of mid-century modern design that still inspires awe and admiration to this day.

Heylman’s vision for the Parkade Building was informed by the work of Swiss architect Le Corbusier, but he added his own unique touches to create a design that was both functional and beautiful. The precast concrete lattice that wraps around the exterior of the building is a prime example of this.

Heylman designed it to provide ventilation for the parking garage while also creating a sense of privacy for the cars parked inside. But he also made sure that the lattice was aesthetically pleasing, with interlocking diamond shapes that create a stunning visual effect, especially when illuminated at night.

Heylman’s attention to detail was legendary, and it is evident in every aspect of the Parkade Building’s design. He worked closely with contractors and builders to ensure that his vision was realized to the fullest extent possible, using high-quality materials and carefully placing windows and other elements to create a sense of balance and harmony.

The Parkade Building is now listed on the Spokane Register of Historic Places and is considered a significant example of mid-century modern architecture. It continues to be a source of inspiration for architects and designers around the world, a testament to Warren Heylman’s skill, creativity, and dedication to his craft.

Warren Heylman and the Parkade Building are shining examples of architectural vision and innovation. Heylman’s design for the Parkade Building is a testament to his skill and creativity, and it continues to inspire awe and admiration to this day. The Parkade Building is a landmark of Spokane’s architectural heritage, and it serves as a reminder of the power of design to shape our world.